Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Visit to Cholamandalam Artists' Village in ECR Chennai

For art lovers there is a permanent art exhibition in Cholamandalam Artists Village in Chennai. You can even meet the renowned artists living there.
I was always longing to visit this place for a long time and the opportunity came to me in 7th June 2009.
This co-operative artists colony started in 1965 as a joint effort of more than 30 painters and sculptors. The creative work is is happening there in an ongoing basis and all the paintings by different artists ranging from classical to moder art are displayed for viewing and for sale also. This is the first of its kind in the world where a colony of artists are formed in an excellent ambiance on the shores of Bengal sea.
How did I reach there?Address, Phone number and e-mail details:
This village is situated in ECR (East Coast Road) on the way to Muttukaadu, Mahabalipuram, very much nearer to the city and after Thiruvanmiyur. I went through car on my way to Pondichery.
Cholamandal Artist's Village
Injambakkam, Chennai 600041 India
Phone: 00-91-44-24490092, 24494053
What is worth seeing there:
I spent more than half a day and felt it is not sufficient to view all the excellent creations of the great artists like Panicker. There are two gallery halls - one in the ground floor and first floor and the other one a small building with AC facilities adjacent to the main gallery. You can spend a lot of time enjoying all types of arts exhibited there. After completing your fascinating journey through the gallery you can come out and view the sculptures of different shapes and themes. You can also walk along the road and see the houses of artists ( even they are built and decorated with great sense of art!)
Note: You are not allowed to take digital camera or video camera inside the exhibition hall.
I am planning to visit again and spend a whole day looking at the paintings and meeting the artists when they are working live of their creations. I also have a dream that at least one of my paintings should hang in the gallery in my life time.

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  1. could u give more details bout the sculptures please!?